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Experience [with Julie] was amazing. Very personable and knowledgable. We wish we could have put 6's or 7's because everyone, and I mean everyone, was amazing. The ability to connect and build on a relationship is extremely important. Thank you!

Michael & Stacey C.

Brenna was awesome. She took the time to work with me and responded to me with any questions (love her).

Petula O.

[Dominique] was a pleasure to work with. Fantastic!

Felix & Lutricia K.

Scott and Shane were outstanding. Shane went out of his way to make sure we were completely satisfied. To us, he and Scott set the standard, we would highly recommend.

Robert & Cassidy O.

Both Joe and Dan were excellent in every area. We are extremely satisfied with the level of care and skill they consistently showed.

Michael & Cindy F.

It was a wonderful privilege to work with Nick Martz.  He did an outstanding job in communicating, taking great pride in building a home with such attention to detail and ensuring we were happy with the results. Hugely grateful to Nick for his fine craftsmanship.

Cindy F.

Brenna is extremely knowledgeable not only about your homes and options but the community as well. She is a joy to work with!  Shannon our design consultant made a potential very stressful situation a pleasure and enjoyable experience.  Very happy!

Chris K.

Exceptional job by Josue.

Ronald and Donna G.

Rick was great to work with. Understanding of our needs and fixing issues as they came up.

Chris P.

Overall a very great experience with WestBay!

Arthur and Jacqueline L.

Rick was awesome! Tina Williams was also awesome. Great job to the entire team.

Stephen K.

[Joe] was amazing. We had hiccups and he stayed in communication and assured everything would be done and it always was! He made the build worth it!

Karl and Kristy R.

Sammy was amazing! I would not change a thing. Give her a raise! Homebuilder was awesome, I would recommend to family and friends.

Wanda and Joe C.

Jon was extremely professional and responsive to all requests and issues! Wonderful job!

Frederic & Christine D.

WestBay was fabulous. Josh was responsible and took care of everything.

Matthew and Sandra D.

Everything was the best. Love everyone at WestBay. Nick is the best, did everything I asked. Could not be happier. Thank you Nick, Dan, Genean, Julie.

James and Stephanie S.

Amazing experience!

Albert and Alba A.

[Josue] was awesome!

Wandra N.

Roger was amazing, Steven was perfect!

Jackson and Elizabeth B.

Dan was awesome through the entire process! He was thorough and paid attention to detail. We feel lucky to have had Dan as our construction manager and he deserves recognition for his passion for his work and customer service.

Camilo and Nellie M.

[Keri] was absolutely amazing!

David and Lindsay D.

[Genean] was wonderful. Very attentive and always answered all questions. Great follow through.

Stephen and Amy H.

Nick and Genean were fantastic and made the whole experience very enjoyable. Best builder we've ever worked with.

Greg O.

Sales and construction did a great job, always available to address questions and concerns.  Worked hard to please and assure us.

Karen K.

Very enjoyable experience. Outstanding, excellent job!

Tonya R.

Nick was really helpful and friendly. He was very detail oriented on our home walkthrough.


Linda L.

Keri, Shannon and Jim were amazing to work with! Best possible experience. We had a splendid home buying experience - no stress at all!  The entire team was fantastic!

Krish, A.

Josue was phenomenal and Shane fabulous. Shane made the process ideal.  Very informative, responsive to communication. As asset to your company. Best experience ever!

Katie A.

Dominique was an excellent salesperson. Austin was very informative and always available. Pleasant, obliging, good at his job and personable.

Margaret W.

We were extremely satisfied with our sales consultant and home building experience.

Casey C.

We loved the experience!  Josh and John are amazing!

Troy S.

Jim was outstanding! Vanesse was terrific! Dan was the best! A+ for exceeding our expectations.

William and Joni S.

Sales was extremely helpful throughout the whole process.  There were a few last minute changes, but, once settled it was a smooth process.

Justin D.

All was excellent,  Keri was great! Nothing to change, great product!

Michelle B.

Really appreciated working with Nancy, she stepped in and took great care of us and our home. Thanks Nancy!

Tim and Alison G.

Shane was exceptional, went above expectations, and we enjoyed working with him.

Brian and Debbie M.

Matt was really helpful through the whole process.  Scott was great and did an exceptional job.

Sherley and Karen

WestBay exceeded our expectations! John's communications and attention to detail made this experience the best it could be.

Nicole and Ivan D.

We want to thank Nick for his dedication and commitment to excellence.  We have built/remodeled 17 homes, however, this project was by far our best experience.  In addition, it was fun and stress-free.  Throughout this process, Nick remained professional, thorough, and always a gentleman. It is obvious Nick takes great pride in his work.

Jerry and Judy K.

We just want to express our appreciation to your staff for the great experience we had building our home From Dominque, to Vanesse, to Nancy, your team made it so easy.  This is our third building experience and by far the best.  In particular, Nancy was fantastic.  She said at our first meeting that "making sure we were happy with our house was her first priority."  She delivered on that promise.  She kept us well informed throughout the process; was upbeat and positive every time we talked or visited.  She is a tremendous asset to your company.   

Gerald B.

I would like to express appreciation for the outstanding service we were given by Vanesse Weaver during our home design process. We appreciated her eye for design when we consulted her for opinions, her patience, and her attention to detail. It's clear that you hire the best of the best at WestBay.  Many thanks to Vanesse for such great service.

Susan S.

Matt and Dave were great.  Dave communicated constantly. He followed through with us in every way possible.

Dennis M.

Sammy was great!  John our builder was a 16 out of 5! This was our first home building experience, and it was great!

Angie N.

Matt was and is amazing! He was the reason my wife and I chose WestBay. And our builder, Eric, was phenomenal! He was patient, professional and always kept us in the loop.  He has our highest recommendation!!

Carlos and Marie M.

John always went above and beyond for us. We feel very lucky to have had him!

Jessica H.

They exceeded our expectations, especially Matt Kelsey!!

Claude M.

Sammy was fabulous! Shellie was Top 5+!  If I could score higher than 5 I would!

Shawn R.

We appreciate Mr. Scott Teal’s attention to detail and keeping us informed. Ms. Kypreos is the subject matter expert in creating a beautiful home interior. Thank you! Mr. Jennis always made time to go over every detail.  I’m sure he was on a very strict timeline but he ensured every question was answered with no consideration of time.

Denoise S.

Eric was absolutely outstanding. 100% professional!

Stephen V.

Scott was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and worked with us all the way to completion. He took the time to make sure we understood everything.

John M.

Sammy was great, and, Laura Bush was absolutely fantastic.  I am completely satisfied and will recommend Laura to anyone who wants to buy a home.  She is the best!

Hector C.

We LOVE our West Bay Home!  KUDOS to the entire West Bay construction and design teams.  This is truly our dream home.   Living in "The Reserve" at South Fork has been an exhilarating and comfortable experience.

Carey M.

Steve is the best and is always true to his word. He is a wonderful asset to Homes by WestBay.

Donna F.

Excellent builder, constant contact and came through on everything. Best builder experience and this is my 4th home.

Kathy B.

Matt did and awesome job, no complaints. Overall it was a great experience.

Kenny and Latasha F.

Scott was amazing! We are very happy to have had Scott as our Sales Consultant.  Larry was wonderful to work with, we are very thankful for all has done for us.

Mario and Joy S.

Genean was very attentive, helpful and knowledgeable. Nick was very attentive and awesome! He was always willing to help and resolve any questions we had.

Dan and Dana S.

Lisa has been excellent and very helpful.  And our construction manager EXCELLENT! Very knowledgeable, very understanding and thorough. 

Savio P.

We wanted to let you know what valuable employees you have, especially in Dan Smith! We have seen Dan's attention to homebuyer satisfaction from the time we were building our new Westbay home. We LOVE our Westbay home and the Westbay family!”

John and Felicia T.

Brenna was on top of everything.  Josh was amazing and gave us daily and weekly updates.  Our experience working with him was relaxing.

Kristin B.

Thank you Julie for going above and beyond especially when we were still located in Texas for most of the process!  Couldn’t have done it without you!  And thanks to Joe for always going to bat for us and for your detailed eye and high expectations for your work.

David S.

Matt was wonderful! The entire staff of WestBay provided excellent customer service and made the entire process seamless.


Stephanie P.

It was an exceptional experience. Our construction manager, Dan, was great.  He went above and beyond our expectations. He gets a 10 from our family.

Sharon M.

Had a great experience. We were well informed throughout the process; step by step. We could not be happier. Vanesse was great…very knowledgeable and professional. And our closing coordinator, knew the whole process. Thanks.

Carothers B.

Julie did a great job. Nick was excellent, very thorough and paid great attention to the details. Wonderful to work with.

Katherine W.

Thank you to the team.  They have facilitated our purchase of a house  and helped us create a home.  Thank you!

Joel T.

Julie was terrific throughout.  She’s like part of the family now.  Nick was completely thorough throughout the process.  We got updates at least weekly and  sometimes more often. We always felt in good hands, and the pride he took in the process was very clear.

Pam T.

Nancy was great in informing us of thinks related to the house and addressing our concerns.  She was very informative and professional.

Darrell L.

Kimberly’s professionalism and personality played a big role in our decision to go with WestBay.  Getting to know her through multiple visits made me feel that if she worked for this company and had great trust in it, I could too. She was excellent.

Beth L.

Thank you WestBay for helping my clients have a fantastic home building experience.  A very special "thanks" to Brenna and Jason for going above and beyond.  It's my pleasure to yet again sell another WestBay home.  I look forward to many more.


Aileen G. Realtor

Extremely satisfied with Julie and Laura was perfect, we are extremely satisfied.

Stephan and Annabel C.

The team was great and easy to work with. Ashley was super awesome!!!

Ken and Michelle M.

We are still so happy with our home! Keri, you are awesome and had answers at your fingertips. Can't imagine anyone who could fill your shoes. 

Jenifer and Barry B.

Genean and Nick made our home buying experience great.  All was perfect.

Vanessa and Gerry R.

Our project manager was phenomenal. We couldn’t have asked for a better project manager. He went above and beyond for us. Kudos!

Kimberly J.

It was a very enjoyable experience. WestBay did a fantastic job with everything. I would recommend WestBay for sure. Brenna and Josh were # 1. Outstanding job!!!

Bruni V.

Just wanted to say Nathan and Sonny have been fabulous. Nathan is always quick to respond and goes above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of. Sonny is new and when we needed him urgently he helped us diagnose the problem and get someone out ASAP. Thank you both for all of your help! We have heard horror stories from other homeowners/builders and have had nothing but a positive experience. We know Westbay goes above and beyond to ensure homeowners are taken care of. Thanks Nathan and Sonny!

Melissa B.

Thank you, Homes by West Bay for our beautiful new home! Keri and Jim were excellent! So great to work with. We couldn’t be happier!

Michele C.

Absolutely nothing more our builder could have done for us. Laura Bush, our construction manager was outstanding. She went way over and beyond to accommodate us. She made this a very smooth experience when it could have been totally opposite. Thank you Laura!!

Jimmy and Tiffany F.

Thank you to all who helped make my clients' dream come true. They are extremely pleased with the home. It was a pleasure working with WestBay and I look forward to doing so again.

Tina S. Realtor

Everything was well done...We cannot say enough good about Nick, our construction manager...kudos for a job well done. Laura was also very helpful and diligent...Awesome service from all Homes by WestBay employees.

Nelly A-G.

I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed working with the WestBay team. Taking care of my requests in a timely and professional manner, but also teaching me a few things about maintaining a home in Florida. I now see the value of working with a company like WestBay. I have shared my great experience with my neighbors, and now I wanted to make sure I shared it with you too!

Jamie K.

The recently installed a Comfort Zone II system that has made a huge difference with controlling temperature downstairs. Knowing that you cared enough to do the right thing means a lot to me and my family. Thank you very much!!! 

Gary F.

WOW! "Thank you" for building our home that FAR EXCEEDED our expectations every step of the way! From sales to design and all through construction every person we worked with was professional and truly dedicated to building a great home for us. This is the 4th home we've built since 1996 and I must say that the entire Homes by WestBay process was second to none. Thank you for creating our dream home.

The Fiume Family

The attention to detail and sense of urgency was amazing.  You built our dream home.

Donnell C.

This has been a wonderful experience. We absolutely love our new home. 


We are truly grateful to both of you, Keri and Jim, for helping us to build our dream home. It really is a stunningly amazing home. So again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!

Melanie L.

Thanks WestBay for all you do!  Our neighbors agree with us, you rock!  

Jennifer R.

Thank you, Ashley, for your AWESOME service!

Gina R.

Still after 5 years from buying our home from Westbay they continue to stand by their name and provide the best customer service. After having some plumbing issues it was later found that a potential issue could exist with my sewer lines. I called WestBay to get their opinion and within a day I got a response that stated they would inspect the pipes and fix them if needed at no cost to me. Within another day they had everything repaired. I continue to get compliments on the construction of my home and WestBay's customer service is just as sound as their homes. Thanks Homes by WestBay!

Todd H.

Closed on my gorgeous new home last week. Everyone from your sales to construction manager was terrific ...I would highly recommend a home by WestBay. Thanks, you guys are awesome!

Genette B.

We just moved into our Home by WestBay and we are in love with our home!

Darla B.

I would like to give a BIG shout out to our builder, Eric. We are so so so happy to have WestBay as our builder and look forward to our life being safe and sound in our new home. 

The Stiles Family

Special Thanks to Genean Pearson From Homes By Westbay for making it happen! Another sale at Union Park, Wesley Chapel.

Kim K - Realtor

We are so thoroughly impressed by your attention to detail and homes built to meet our lifestyle.  Marty Galindo was extremely helpful and professional throughout the whole the process.

Melissa and Ray

We wanted you to know how we appreciate the professionalism shown by Dave toward us and all our many questions. He honestly made the building of our home a great pleasure to watch and very stress free for us.


Please extend my very heartfelt thanks to your staff, Keri in particular for her countless hours and attention to detail.  I now have more than a house, I have a home.


Jim has been a pleasure to deal with. He is knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining how and why our house was being built the way it was. I have truly enjoyed working with Jim and was very comfortable with both his expertise and his commitments to me. He is a man of his word.


Michael has gone so far beyond his duties as a WestBay sales person. I consider Michael a person that I would call a friend and I look forward to seeing him in our neighborhood until he sells every lot here. WestBay should consider Michael a very valuable employee as he is so much more than your real estate agent.

Mary G.

I write this email simply to express my complete praise for your Sales Consultant, Lorraine Daniels. For me to say that she was not only helpful, but absolutely vital in the purchase of my home would not be an exaggeration.

Zane W.

Having been in my new home for five months now, I am even more pleased than the first evening I spent here. I continue to be impressed by the quality throughout the home.

Jerry K.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you for the new home. It is very nice and my wife and I are happy with our purchase.

Stephen R.

Keri is a true professional. WestBay is fortunate to have her representing them because she represents you so well. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Keri on creating our dream house.

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