New Home versus Existing Home

FishHawk Gasparilla model home exterior

When shopping for a home in Tampa, Fl, you have the choice of purchasing a brand new home or an existing home (one that has already been lived in). There are benefits to both. It often depends on your needs and timing.   Maybe you are handy and can deal with the needed fix-ups, a little paint or willing to take on more significant renovations. On the other hand, you might hate that and long for the smell, touch, feel (and freedom from repairs) of a new home.

New Homes are Energy Efficient

A new home offers the buyer the best energy efficiency available at the time of the build. Every year appliances, windows and heating and cooling units get more efficient and offer more options.

New homes will simply cost less money in energy costs than an older home.  Plus everything is shiny and new!

Energy Efficient New Homes

Newer homes are more energy efficient. As building codes change homes get more efficient. Your older homes doesn’t have to keep up (only if you make renovations) and if you do upgrade, the costs can be significant. At Homes by WestBay really take it to another level. All of our homes are  built to Energy Star 3.1 certification standards. That means you save even more money on energy  because we take extra efforts to make your home energy efficient.

New Home Design Trends

A new home will also take advantage of all the most current design trends.  At Homes by WestBay we incorporate the latest trends, colors and most desired features to make all of our new homes feel current and fresh. Higher ceilings, versatile living spaces, and a it is all brand new.

From well planned floorplans, to considerations of the busy family of today, our homes reflect your lifestyle.  



Lower Insurance Costs on New Homes

Yes, a new home can cost less in insurance than an older home of similar value. Our new homes follow the most up to date building codes which means windows, doors, roofs and much more meet more stringent guidelines than a home even just 20 years older!

Wide Open Spaces

Homes by Westbay floorplans are designed for today’s active family. In several of our models you will find four, five or even six separate areas in kitchen/living/dining area. (take a look at the Biscayne model shown here for instance)  It is a great way to have everyone together working, gaming, doing homework, in one area! Older homes are more likely to have more rooms, without the open spaces inhibiting the style of your family today.



New Home Affordability

With rates at historically low numbers, you can probably afford more than you think. If you have a mortgage that is over 5% you might be surprised to see how much more house you can buy with a lower rate. Add to that the savings on insurance and energy and a new house might make a great deal of sense.

Of course if you have to live in a built-out area or you like renovations (and your relationship, if you have one, is strong) by all means buy and renovate. We just think that our new homes offer an easier, somewhat gentler way to get everything you need in a new home at a price you can afford.

New Homes in Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay area is growing fast with several new communities springing up so there are lots of choices if you do want to purchase a truly new home.  And while there are many different home builders to choose from in the market, Homes by WestBay designs some of the best in the area.  Come visit some of the model homes in any one of the communities where we build.