What Today’s Buyers want in a Tampa Home

Innisbrook Turnberry model home kitchen

New Home buyers in Tampa are a pretty sophisticated lot.  They have certain needs and several wants when they are seeking a new house in the Tampa market.  The bad news is that a lot of the inventory of older homes in the area may not contain all the features that a new homeowner wants today.  The great news is that many new home builders are including all the top-end features that a buyer wants, even some amenities that you may not yet realize you need.

Here are the top five features that today’s buyers want in a Tampa Home:

1)    Granite or Solid Surface Countertops

Granite countertops are still one of the most asked for premium features in a kitchen.  New home buyers expect to see granite rather than laminate or ceramic tile when they are seeking a new house.  Granite is infinitely durable and attractive so this feature is likely to remain a top choice for the next many years.  Solid Surface countertops are becoming increasingly more popular.  However, these are still, for the most part, a premium upgrade.

2)    Exceptional Flooring

Although carpeting continues to be one of the most common additions in most new homes, the higher end market prefers hardwood floors or tile floors that mimic hardwood.  The type of flooring can have a big impact on the type of buyer that you attract and distinctive flooring can make a big difference in the appeal of a new home.  Buyers today want to have their homes make a statement as soon as someone walks in the door.

3)    A Large Garage

It is no surprise that families in Tampa require more garage space, both for cars and for storing extra items.  Since the majority of homes in Florida do not have basements, the garage becomes the extra storage space that Tampa families often need.  Plus many families have multiple cars so now high end homes come with minimum two car garages and often have three car bays.

4)    Top End Appliances

Many new homeowners prefer to have cook tops and wall oven combinations installed instead of free standing ranges.  And most of the appliances in top end of the market are finished in stainless steel.  Bottom freezers are becoming more popular but the side to side refrigerator models are still the standard in many new homes.  Including the most current trends in appliances are a great way to improve the look of any new home.

5)    Outdoor Living

The best part of living in Florida is being able to enjoy the outdoors year-round.  Many new homeowners in Tampa want to have a deck or lanai plus a pool.  Many new home builders in the Tampa area, like Homes by WestBay, will offer a home that takes advantage of the beautiful weather with an indoor/outdoor floor plan that includes plenty of living space outside.

If you are looking for a new home in Tampa, be sure to visit model homes to get a better idea of what you like and what you need in a new house.  Homes by WestBay builds “feel good spaces” for the way you live, with beautiful model homes in several communities around the Tampa Bay area.  Come check out our offerings to see what you want in your next home.