Value Through Efficiency, Homes by WestBay, in Tampa – The Many Benefits of Owning an ENERGY STAR Certified Home

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When buying a new home in Tampa, consider the benefits and value of going ‘green’ by purchasing an energy-efficient home.  An energy-efficient home can help conserve natural resources, lower your carbon footprint and save you money each month on utilities.  While home buyers are becoming more conscious about the value of conserving energy and builders are adding some power-saving features, the only way to be sure that you are getting an energy-efficient home is to look with one that is ENERGY STAR certified.  There are many benefits of owning an ENERGY STAR Certified Home and local Tampa builder, Homes by WestBay has received recognition as an ENERGY STAR Market Leader. They build all new homes to ENERGY STAR 3.1 standards.

Homes by WestBay Builds Energy-Efficient Homes in Tampa
energy efficient homes tampa

For a home to be certified by ENERGY STAR, the builder must design and construct the home to meet strict energy performance standards.  These standards are set by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the amount of energy used overall.  ENERGY STAR is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, providing simple, credible and unbiased information that home buyers can rely on when choosing a new home.  A home built to ENERGY STAR requirements can be up to 30% more efficient than traditionally constructed new homes.  These power-saving homes will provide lower utility costs and increased value for the home owner.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Homes in Tampa

An energy-efficient WestBay home provides more consistent temperatures throughout.  This is especially important in the hot summer months in Tampa when air conditioning is running day and night.  The high-efficiency air conditioning system in an ENERGY STAR certified home uses less energy and operates more quietly.  The superior air conditioning unit, combined with the fully insulated home will keep the temperature inside the home at a comfortable and more uniform level.

All WestBay homes are fitted with Low-E, insulated and double-paned windows to keep out the heat.  The attic spaces contain R-38 insulation for maximum thermal performance and all the duct work is sealed to prevent any wasteful leaking.  Roofs in an ENERGY STAR home are constructed with a radiant barrier sheathing to reflect the sun’s heat and keep the house cooler.  Foam-filled blocks (R-9) minimize drafts while also reducing outside noise.


ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Offer Better Air Quality

The combined effect of all of these energy saving materials and construction methods, gives each WestBay home a protective thermal barrier.  This barrier keeps out the elements, undesired outside air, and preserves a more stable temperature within the home (with less work required from the AC system).  A fresh air intake system allows in a controlled amount of outside air, while high performance MERV 8 Filters trap much of the dust and pollen while improving overall airflow.  ENERGY STAR certification requires only MERV 6 level filters, however Homes by WestBay uses the higher quality MERV 8 Filters to provide the best possible air quality inside each home they build in Tampa.

Once the home is fully constructed, Homes by WestBay continues to add efficiency through the use of CFL lighting (Compact Fluorescent Lighting) in every room of the house.   CFL lighting lowers electricity usage and the bulbs last longer than old-style incandescent bulbs.  High-end, energy-saving appliances are installed and ceiling/ventilation fans will drive down energy costs as well.  The whole house is designed, built and finished with features that provide the best value and durability while keeping a focus on energy conservation at every level.

An ENERGY STAR 3.1 certified home can deliver up to 30% more in energy savings versus a typical new home in the Tampa area.  You will see, feel and hear the difference of the fully integrated approach to design and construction combined with the tried-and-true building practices that are applied to every ENERGY STAR certified home.  Visit our model homes to check out the quality of the construction and see the thoughtfully designed layouts available in a Home by WestBay.  We are sure that you will appreciate the difference that we offer!


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