The Top 5 Signs That You Have Found a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Great schools in Tampa

When you’re looking for a new home in the Tampa area, there are several factors that go into finding that perfect family-friendly neighborhood.  Here at Homes by WestBay, we have come up with five factors that you might want to keep in mind when looking for the perfect Tampa neighborhood for your family:

1: Great Schools

Great schools in Tampa

The first and most important factor is what types of schools are in your neighborhood.  Information about local schools is widely available online.  What you are looking for are schools with high test scores, low teacher to student ratios, and that have a track record of preparing students for college later. However, it’s always best to visit and tour the school in person to make sure it is the right school for your children.  School choice is always an option to consider.

2. Low Crime Rates

Safety and security should be at the top of your list, and one way to determine this is by studying the local crime statistics for the area you’re thinking of moving to.  Moreover, you should never overlook your ‘gut feelings’ when visiting a neighborhood.  Do you feel safe when you’re walking around? Would you let your kids walk around here at night?

3. Strong Sense of Community

If nobody seems to be spending time outside, and if people don’t seem to know their neighbors, that would be a warning sign that even a ‘safe’ neighborhood may not have the level of community support that you are expecting.  You should be looking for kids playing in their yards or bicycling around, as well as families out for a walk together.  When deciding where to build new homes, one critical factor that Homes by WestBay always takes into account is looking for locations with a strong sense of community.  WestBay is a preferred builder in the finest master-planned communities in Tampa and these are specially designed to instill a strong sense of community. 

4. Nearby Parks and Playgrounds

Playground in Connerton Neighborhood

You are looking for a safe and fun experience for your kids, and parks and playgrounds are important factors here.  You’ll be taking your kids on playdates and parks are a great place to meet other parents and families.  Moreover, you want your kids to grow up healthy, and having nearby parks means that they’ll be getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. 

5. Safe Sidewalks and Streets

One factor that is hard to analyze without actually spending time in the neighborhoods is the local traffic pattern.  Some streets can become high-traffic routes if they are shortcuts for drivers to avoid busier main routes.  What you are looking for are signs that a lot of cars won’t be whizzing around the corner every day – such as speed bumps that slow down traffic or plenty of signs telling people that there are ‘children at play’ in the area.  Best times to visit are early morning and late afternoon during ‘rush hour.’

Of course, ever family will put a different weight on each of these factors.  Some will put all their emphasis on local schools, while others will highlight the role of parks and playgrounds in creating a warm, inviting community.  Your priorities may change over time, but it’s important to have a game plan heading into your momentous decision to buy a new home.  Finally, be sure to think several years in advance – you may not need parks and playgrounds for your newborn or toddler, but by the time they start school it will be a necessity!  Come check out the neighborhoods where Homes by WestBay builds, we’re sure you will find that most of our area offer exactly what you seek in a family-friendly neighborhood.