How Homes by WestBay builds Energy Efficient Homes

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Homes by Westbay is proficient in building energy efficient homes.  Why should that matter to you?  Outside of a mortgage loan, the highest cost of home ownership today is energy.  An energy efficient home is going to save you money over the long run and help save the planets resources at the same time.  An energy efficient home will also be more comfortable and durable.  While it is hard to retrofit an existing home to increase its energy efficiency, a new home can be built that incorporates all the latest in energy efficient technology.

What Makes an Energy Efficient Home?


Those home builders who build to meet Energy Star 3.1 requirements and achieve certification offer a true indication of an energy efficient new home.  The certification requires home builders to follow and meet the stringent building code and standards set by Energy Star.  Building an energy efficient home starts in the planning stages of home construction.  The outer shell of the house needs to be built solidly with no cracks or gaps around windows and doors.   It must be well sealed to prevent air from escaping around pipes, vents, ducts, lighting and wiring.  Plus it must be well insulated from the top to bottom.  These are just an example of the typical requirements.  The folks at Homes by WestBay bring further peace of mind to their home buyers as all homes are inspected by a third party who verify all Energy Star requirements are being met in every home.

New Homes Have New Windows


Windows leak energy out of your home in the summer and winter. Energy Star 3.1 certified new homes include the latest window technology that helps keep heat in during the winter months and out during the hot Florida summer months. We use only low E windows in our homes because they are highly efficient insulated and double-paned windows.

High Energy HVAC Systems

Since this is one of the biggest costs you’ll have every month to run your home, you want to make sure the system is as efficient as possible. A high efficiency HVAC system needs to be installed to allow help reduce energy usage and provide maximum performance.  This also means getting the duct work right to help direct the energy to where you need it most – in the rooms, not in the walls or attic space.  Homes by WestBay spends a great deal of time making sure that all the duct work is installed properly with no gaps, with enough insulation to keep the air going where it is supposed to go and that all duct work is properly aligned and sized for each home.   These are things that you cannot see but make a big difference in the energy efficiency of a new home.

Little Details Matter in Efficiency 2

Other Features in an Energy Efficient home are the use of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) lighting throughout the home for electrical efficiency and longer lasting bulbs.  And we also install Energy Efficient appliances including ceiling and ventilation fans through the whole house.  Don’t forget to look for the Energy Star Labels!

An Energy Efficient Home Costs Less

There are many other factors that go into making a home truly energy efficient and Homes by WestBay works them all into each new home.  A home that is energy efficient will help save you money every month and every year by cutting down on energy costs.  Homes by WestBay averages a HERS* score of 63% on each new home they build – an energy savings of 30% over a typical new home.  If saving money is as important as having a beautiful home, then take a look at Homes by WestBay Energy Star 3.1 certified homes when you are shopping for a new house in the Tampa Area of Florida.

*Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured.

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