Why a House Front Elevation Design is Important when Buying a Home

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Buying a home isn’t something that most people do every day, so it is easy to be stumped by some of the terms used by builders and architects.  When a builder uses the term House Front Elevation Design, they are referring to the architectural drawings that show the front exterior appearance of the home.  This is how the house will look if you were standing in the middle of the front yard.  The elevation design is extremely important to new homebuyers because how a house looks from the outside is often the first consideration in the buying process.  If you do not like the home’s appearance from the street, it is unlikely that you will want to live there.

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What is a House Front Elevation Design?

Architects design buildings and communicate their plans with the use of drawings.  One set of drawings is the floor plan, or how the rooms are laid out within the home.  The other set are the elevations, or how the building will look from each side.  These elevations are drawn to scale and will show features such as the placement of doors, windows, porches, and any elements such as columns or chimneys.  Elevations can also depict the exterior finishes of the home and illustrate whether the home will have clapboard siding, stucco or brick.  These drawings will include the profile of the roof and even the type of roofing.  Some architects will provide multiple house front elevation designs for the same model home to show the buyer the different options that are available.  These elevations are a key part of how architects share their vision of the exterior appearance of a home with both builders and buyers.

Why is House Front Elevation Design Important?

The front of the house is what stands out.  It is the part that makes the first impression, so choosing the right elevation for your new home is extremely important.  Choosing the right look can have big benefits, such as adding to the curb appeal to increasing the property value.  Most new homebuyers want a home that is distinctively pleasing to the eye, yet complementary to the surrounding neighborhood.  Designing the front elevation can be a complex process for the architect, as they must make many decisions on the features, materials, authentic architectural themes and periods, and colors that balance the overall shape of the house.

If the home has already been built, the homebuyer’s decision is usually easy.  Either the exterior look appeals to them, or it does not.  It is possible to make alterations to the front of an existing house, but other than considering the paint color, most buyers make their choice based on what is at hand.  This may seem contrary to the elaborate renovations that you see on TV, but experienced Realtors know the majority of home buyers do not account for the extra time or money needed for a complete overhaul.

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Newly Constructed Homes offer Elevation Choices

For some homebuyers, purchasing and building a new home allows the opportunity to personalize the house to suit your tastes.  While building a truly custom home seems an ideal way to get everything you want in a new home, the process can be extremely challenging to navigate for all but the most seasoned homebuyer.  Another idea is to work with a new home builder, such as Homes by WestBay in the Tampa area, that can provide you with a variety of pre-designed homes and let you decide on the elevation and finishes.  Some models give you the ability to change the floorplan (with pre-determined options) and some let you choose from a collection of house front elevation designs.  Further, many new home communities may be themed and all will have strict architectural controls in place.  These work to benefit the entire community and home owners.   In all new home communities, there is oversight on repetition of elevation designs and even house colors, including features such as stone.  All of which ensures the integrity of the community. Streetscapes are critical to the aesthetic of the neighborhoods and in maintaining home values.  Something to consider when making your next purchase is whether or not you want to live next door or across from the orange and black Harley Davidson themed home or a thoughtfully, professionally curated elevation and color scheme.


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