Home Trends 2016

Longboat at Waterset bedroom

Here at Homes By WestBay, we work seriously hard to make sure you’re  happy with your new home, but we get to have fun too! One of our favorite parts of the home building industry is seeing all the beautiful ways our homeowners choose to reflect their personal style in their homes.

When you meet with our designer and tour our studio, you get a full hands-on experience where you can see, hear, feel, taste, and touch the very materials that you’ll find in your home. We see such an array of unique personalities and interesting ideas, and we love incorporating some of those ideas into our models. We pride ourselves on our wide assortment of materials and the purpose behind each individual detail. Why settle for ordinary ceilings when you could have crown molding? Why have a doorway, when you can have a beautiful archway? Naturally, some interior trends emerge every year, and this is what we’re swooning over for 2016!

1.)  Exterior Fabrics and Materials Inside the Home

Tampa New Home Decor 2016
Pictured: Longboat at Waterset
People all around the country are falling for materials like burlap and wicker to adorn their living rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms. The durability of the fabric is fantastic for a busy family and creates an understated elegance that will leave a lasting impression. Oh, and the best part? It’s easy to clean! Moms, rejoice!

2.) Dramatic Staircases

Gasparilla Lakeshore
Pictured: Gasparilla Model at Lakeshore Ranch
If you’re the homeowner interested in an automatic WOW factor, the double staircases trend of 2016 is perfect for you. Guests will marvel at the elegance and question how deep your pockets go, but you’ll revel in the value and affordability of your exquisite new home. Imagine taking family photos, prom pictures, and Christmas memories in our spacious living rooms.

3.) Formal Dining Rooms

Pictured: Key Largo II at La Collina Dining Room
What’s the point of having a fashionable home if you don’t host any guests? America is all about the dining room this year, so feast your eyes on lush fabric, tall ceilings, and private dining space. 2016 will definitely be the Year of the Dinner Party, and Homes By WestBay is happy to help you host!

4.) Statement Mirrors In The Foyer

Tampa New Home Trends 2016

Pictured: Augusta I Foyer
2016 Home decor is  full of big primping! Statement mirrors are a must for the foyer, and will make both homeowners and guests feel like royalty. Plus, there’s nothing better than functional décor! Tour our models for inspiration and see how Homes By WestBay can help you and your guests feel glamorous every time they walk through the front door!

5.) Exposed Raw Materials

Home Decor Trends Tampa 2016

Pictured: Gasparilla at Lakeshore Ranch
At Homes by WestBay you’ll find models with rustic touches like exposed brick and granite- an awesome compromise for the classic homeowner who appreciates the trends of 2016. Nothing showcases subtle drama like a beveled statement wall or exposed brick fireplace, and you’ll find them in many of our models throughout Tampa Bay.We love seeing classic design get revamped with modern touches, and you will too.

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