Home Design Trends for 2019

Triple Creek Ballast Point - Statement Backsplash kitchen

A new year means its time for a new crop of eye-catching home design trends. We’ve already been pleasantly surprised by Pantone’s Color of the Year pick of Living Coral so we can’t wait to dive into a few of the new predictions for this year and see what other design elements this year will bring.

Here are a few home design trends that will be popping up this year.

Backsplash feature walls

Once tucked away at the rear of a home, today’s kitchens are more visible than ever. Open concept floor plans keep kitchens constantly on display and in need of a focal point. Enter backsplash feature walls.

Patterned backsplashes aren’t new, but instead of regulating backsplashes to the space between countertops and cabinet bottoms, designers are option to create feature walls that stretch from the countertop to the ceiling, often flanking range hoods and open shelving.

Triple Creek Ballast Point - Statement Backsplash kitchenBallast Point at Triple Creek

Gray, white and wood kitchens

The popularity of all-white kitchens is starting to fade. To counter what looks like an otherwise sterile room, designers are temperating white with gray and wood tones to add a bit of warmth.

Pristine Lake Preserve Madeira - White, Gray and Wood tone kitchenMadeira III at Pristine Lake Preserve

Warm neutrals

After covering rooms in various shades of gray, things are trending towards warmer neutrals with contrasting elements that amp the drama (in a good way). Layering light and dark neutrals creates a chic contrast that’s ready for any magazine spread.

Starkey Ranch Biscayne II - Warm neutral living roomsBiscayne II at Starkey Ranch

Wood touches

People are increasingly gravitating towards natural elements (which may explain Living Coral!). Warm wood tones are making their way back into our homes, from kitchen cabinets to statement walls (but much sleeker than the wood panels of yesteryear). Wood tones create a warm and comfortable environment. Expect to see light to medium toned wood pop up all over the house, from kitchen cabinets to bathroom vanities.

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