Home Building Checklist, what you Need to Know when Building a New House

Building a new home from scratch can be a daunting procedure for some people but there are many benefits that come along with the process.  The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to have a good plan and great people in place before you begin the project.  That said, here is a Home Building Checklist that lists the basics of what you need to know when building a new house.

Building a new house in Tampa

Building a New House

The first item to consider is whether you want to truly start from the beginning and build a totally custom home or work with a home builder that offers semi-custom homes.  Perhaps, like the majority, you might consider those builders, known as production builders, offer tried and tested floor plan designs with options to personalize to your needs.  If you have never been part of a home building project or have never owned a new home, then it may make sense to consider the latter.  The difference is immense and you should carefully contemplate what you wish to achieve in building a new home.  A truly custom home involves painstaking collaboration between the homeowner, architects, builders, designers, contractors and finishers.  If you dream of a unique home built around your lifestyle and design preferences, then you can bravely go this route.  It will take time and a great deal of planning but the end result can be a perfect home for you and your family.

However, if your goal is to own a new home that is personalized to your tastes but is ready to live in before year’s end (and doesn’t involve your every minute making decisions), then you may want to think about going the semi-custom or production builder.  Both the semi-custom and production home builders generally start with a pre-designed floor plan that may, or may not allow you to add or delete rooms.  Depending on the builder, there is usually a lot of choices that allow you to personalize the home, but not so many that you need a degree in architecture to aid the process.  It makes sense then to talk with different builders to understand what is expected of the homebuyer and to identify all the places where a home can be customized.

Home Building Checklist

Once you have selected the type of home you want, then the next step is to find your builder.  You may at first narrow your selection based on what community you will be living as many developments have a short list of preferred builders.   It is also important to choose a builder that is familiar with the area where you want to live. Rely on testimonials from current new home owners and be sure that you visit several model homes to get a feel for the builder’s style and construction methods.  Ask your builder a lot of questions about their design and construction process, where they will want your involvement and who, in particular, will be your main contact person.   Before you sign a contract, make sure that your plans and the builders abilities match up.  Plus request information about warranties and time frames, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each player.

Tips on building a new house

Home Building Process

Depending on which type of new home you selected, now is the time to begin working on the project.  Custom built homes will require you to be available throughout the day in order to sit in meetings with the architect or builder and answer each question as they come along.  Make sure you are organized and equipped with all the information so you can make a quick decision.  You want to be sure not to hold the process up.  Also remember that any changes made mid-way will require a rebuild.  This costs more time and more money so be sure of the plan before the actual construction starts.

Buyers of semi-custom/production homes are usually supplied with a schedule by the builder and a list of options that they will need to decide upon.  This schedule is usually more flexible and gives you a structured time frame between choosing the floor plan and making the finishing touches.  Of course, you’ll be in touch with the builder and design team along the way but you’ll find that you need to make far fewer decisions and will have more time for choosing the personal touches you want in the home.  By this time, you should have determined which features are most important and can start the process of selecting the cabinets, countertops, flooring and more.

Hopefully the process will go smoothly but be prepared for occasional hiccups.  The biggest headaches usually come from changes to the original plan and/or lack of communication between the builder and the home buyer.  Make sure that as a home buyer, you state what you need and keep in close contact with your point people on the project.

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