Benefits of Living in an Energy Efficient Home

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As more and more homebuyers in Tampa are finding out, making your home as energy efficient as possible has a number of important benefits.  That’s why every Homes by WestBay home is built to Energy Star 3.1 certification.  From saving money to improving your quality of life, here are five major benefits of energy efficient homes:

Benefit #1: The cost savings

By far, the #1 reason why homeowners start thinking about making their homes more energy-efficient are all the potential cost savings. According to the latest statistics, the average U.S. household spends $5550 per year on energy costs.1 Thus, even if you can reduce energy costs by 10 percent annually, you can reduce your overall energy bill by more than $500 per year. And that’s particularly important to keep in mind in the Tampa area, with its hot Florida summers. If you plan on running your A/C all summer, then you really need to be thinking about energy efficiency. Homes by WestBay uses high efficiency HVAC systems that use less energy, operate quietly, offer savings on utility bills and delivers maximum efficiency.

Benefit #2: The environmental impact

Global climate change is a reality, and everybody needs to be taking personal steps to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. By embracing an energy-efficient home, you are reducing your own personal consumption of fossil fuels and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the air.

Benefit #3: Improved quality of life

Energy-efficient homes are particularly good at controlling the flow of heat, air and moisture. Your goal here is to keep cool air inside during the summer, optimize the quality of your indoor air and reduce the amount of moisture in the air that can lead to bacteria or airborne disease. When you can do that, you’ll be improving your quality of life. The air will be cleaner, the temperature will be more comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about constant maintenance of your home to adapt to local climate conditions.

And there’s a side benefit here as well – energy efficient homes tend to be clustered within the same communities. That means you’re not just improving the quality of life at home, you’re also improving your general quality of life. The same communities that feature energy-efficient features that reduce greenhouse gas emissions are also the same communities that tend to prioritize walking and cycling.

Benefit #4: Better health for you and your family

It’s hard to underestimate the added benefit of improved air quality. In the Tampa area, this is particularly important with regard to moisture that might build up due to the surrounding waterways. Moist, stale air can lead to mold, bacteria and airborne disease, so you really want any energy-efficient home that’s able to replenish your home’s air on a regular basis. Homes by WestBay offers Whole House Thermal Barriers ensuring undesired outside air, garage fumes, and attic air do not penetrate the home.

 Benefit #5: Increasing the value of your home

Finally, taking a long-term perspective, building an energy-efficient home is actually building wealth for your family. That’s because homes with these energy-efficient features sell for a higher dollar value than those that do not. So think of this as an investment in your future!

These benefits of energy efficient homes are a great starting point for thinking about the way that your new Tampa home fits into your overall lifestyle. Most homeowners start thinking about energy efficiency simply from a cost savings perspective, but wind up thinking about it more holistically, especially as it impacts their daily lifestyle, health and wellness. So make the shift to an energy-efficient home today! For more information on Homes by WestBay’s energy efficient features visit

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