All Treats, No Tricks: Halloween Home Safety Tips

Young girls in costumes out trick or treating on Halloween

The decorations are up and the candy has been purchased ready for trick-or-treaters. What’s next? Making sure your home is ready and safe for the evening’s guests! Halloween is one of the most highly-anticipated nights for children: when else can they get dressed up as their favorite character, collect candy, and probably even stay up past their bedtime? Their excitement may get the better of them so help keep them safe by taking care of these essential Halloween home safety tips:

Keep a clear path

Take some time before your costumed guests come a ‘ringing to walk around your home to make sure the driveway and walkway is clear of any potential tripping hazards. Kids are extra excited at Halloween and may not remember to walk between houses.

If you choose to decorate your home, make sure the decorations don’t block the flow of traffic on your driveway and walkways. If your decorations have moving parts, make sure those items are made from a safe material like foam or rubber.

Light the way

Keep your home well-lit so it’s easy for trick-or-treaters can safely navigate your home. Check your outdoor lights to make sure they’re in good working order and replace any burnt-out bulbs as needed. While candles are the perfect way to set a spooky mood, they’re also a fire hazard. Instead, opt for LED lights or glowsticks in your jack-o-lanterns instead.

Protect your pets

Don’t forget to keep your furry family members safe. While some animals may welcome the flood of strangers to your door, others may be scared or bothered by the constant doorbell ringing and may become a flight risk. Reduce the risk of an escape by keeping your pets in a separate room away from the excitement at your front door. This will also be helpful for any dog-shy trick-or-treaters!

This also goes for inside your home: keep your pets away from any treats that are potentially dangerous and toxic to them.

Drive safely

If you end up celebrating outside your home, be sure to drive carefully and be on alert as children may unexpectedly dash into the street. You will also want to be aware of trick-or-treaters who may be wearing dark clothing or costumes that can make it difficult to see them as it gets darker.

With these simple considerations, you’ll be sure that everyone has a scary fun Halloween!